NEWS : Due to a high work load I am unfortunately unable to update my flag collections found below. For further additions please visit the SBS Flags Yahoo Group

Welcome to SBSFLAGS, below you will find the download buttons that will enable you to enhance your SBS-1 experience.

These downloads were last updated in 2010 with new additions, but may be of use for initial setup or as a temporary measure until you are able to locate the designated flag(s) you require. Please note that all flags available here are 60 X 22 in size.

The COMPLETE OPERATOR FLAG Set contains all the above sets.

If you have any requests for flags, or require any help installing them please feel free to email me at : or alternatively please visit the SBS Flags Yahoo group

Above : A small screen capture from my SBS-1 setup - Im running the standard SBS-1 with Software version and Firmware version 301, the mag-mount aerial with a Jim M-75 Pre-amp. Operating system : Windows 7 Home Premium (32 Bit) on a Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.6GHz , 2GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive.


I have been an SBS-1 user since they became available and have always wanted to apply my illustration skills to enhance this ground-breaking system. My background is Aviation illustration and as such I created FLYINGART which can be seen at: , when time permits I create the operator bitmaps for users in the hope of increasing the end user experience in some small way.

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